Our services for private individuals

Yves Pradervand, company specialising in pruning and tree removal

We are happy to come to your property to carry out an initial assessment and determine the work that needs to be done. We will then set up a work site that complies with strict safety standards so that we can start the process of pruning and removing the trees on your property.

We will prune the tree and, if necessary, we will cut the tree into pieces, using a cherry picker, a chainsaw or climbing equipment.

If you would like to keep the wood for burning in your home, we will stack it for you. If you would prefer to have it removed, we can offer to buy it from you.

What happens to the waste created by the work?

Once our work is complete, we will remove all waste and take it to be composted.

Need help or interested in a quote? You can contact us by email or by telephone on +41 79 541 31 72.

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